Morgan Audio active speakers made in Britain

British made computer speakers

active loudspeakers made in Britain

loudspeakers made in Britain

  • active computer speakers
  • active loudspeakers
  • active speakers
  • computer speakers
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Open up your music

Well defined, deep bass and a clear, open high end. Who knew your music, films and games could sound this good. Affordable British hi-fi. Great value for money.

Performance for the digital age

Make life easier with a well designed active loudspeaker system. With Morgan active speakers you can hear what your computer, server, streamer, tv, mp3 , cd player or phone is capable of. Select the best source you can and prepare to be amazed. 

Connect and listen

    • connect your source
    • listen, enjoy, relax
    • simple, clear, engaging
    • Morgan active loudspeakers
    • direct to you
  • Hear the difference

    • MP3 or FLAC?
    • CD or Download?
    • Bluetooth or wired?
    • Connect to Morgan
    • Hear the difference

    Paul Messenger review HiFi +

    "they've completely won me over...............and the rms11 is a steal"

    Paul Messenger, HiFi+ iss99

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